My year 2017.

It’s the last day of 2017 so I think that it is a great time to make a recap of this big year for me. We currently see this all round the social network and especially on the Instagram story but I think that it is definitely a great subject to be back on my blog.

Let’s start …

1st January :IMG_6160

It is hard to believe but it is already one year since I arrived in London. Last year I woke up with my family for our last morning together before that this new adventure began for me. Of course we started the year with an amazing brunch full of fresh fruits and dad’s homemade scrambled eggs (one thing that I enjoy the most is when dad cook for me).


3rd January :

Basically this was my first proper session at the gym for this year and also the beginning of 10 months of training at Virgin Active Tower Hill which is the place where I met few people who changed my life. Honestly this is for me my real fitness start.




24th to 27th January :

This week-end is the one when my parents came to see me in London. As they are really important to me it made of this date an important one too. I also had the luck to bring my dad at the gym and to make him try some exercises even if he spent more time to film me and to take pictures (I love him).



10th to 13th March :

I have been extremely lucky to go in Lanzarote with the whole team of Room4u (The company where I’ve been working during 3 months for my internship. If you need to they sell many rooms in London). It was the first time of the year I had a real rest day and I has been really hard for me but I’ve been spending 3 days without training. But what I remember the most is that they offered to us an amazing trip full of good memories.


17th to 19th March :

This was my first time at the « Body fitness » event in Paris. This enabled me to meet some of  the people I follow on Instagram as @fitcaarl and @twinsb_fit. Of course I met some of the famous French fitness people as Sissy, Tibo Inshape, Justine Gallice … This whole event motivated me a lot and I came back in London with a huge motivation. I am already hyper excited about this new one to come.



3rd April :

This is a BIG date for me as from the 3rd April I have been reintroducing starchy carbs (=féculents) in my diet. Thank’s to the account of @stephanie_befit and @jujufitcats food started to become slightly different to me. I saw my training becoming harder, I had much more energy and could train better. This has been the starting point in what I want to call « proper training ». I could never thank those girls enough.

IMG_152614th April :

From an Instagram meeting to a real friendship. You may guess as I am talking about @jutoune33. We met thank’s to this social network but my best memories with her are the time we spent together in the real life. She has been one of the most wonderful people I met this year.



26th to 28th April :

I have been spending this week end in Paris with my family. As every time we meet we’ve been shopping and enjoying nice food together but this time was special as dad offered to us 4 2 private self-defense classes with this amazing guy: Frank Ropers. I have been learning a lot and he also comforted us a bit about my project to become personal trainer (no need to tell you as both my parents and me were scary about taking this decision).

IMG_03685th May :

This was the official start of my new London life and also the day where I moved in my current flat. This was a big thing for me as it was the first step to make my dream come true. Btw it was also super hard to manage everything even if it is nothing compared to all I had to do on my own then.



14th to 15th May :

My mum and my sister came to see me in London to see my place for even not 24 hours. I’ve been spending this time to take care of them in preparing waffles for breakfast and brought them for a brunch in Tower Bridge. Nothing exceptional except the trip they made just to see me for such a short period of time.



17th May :

My first time at the hairdresser in London and it’s definitely my current one. It’s a date to remember as it is also mu place to do my nails (which I love doing as you may know) and especially the place where I met Patricia (my hairdresser) who is an incredible  women and also an amazing hairdresser. What else could I ask?




18th May :

This is the first time I have been in the Adidas studio. We did a buddy workout with Justine and I met two amazing PTs who runned the workout: @kimhartwell and @movewithtara.



Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


9th June :

I finally bought my first good camera and this is one of the pic my mum took with it. It was also a family week end during the which one I have been back in France.



calorie 1

13th June :

I started on this date my new diet which consisted in tracking my calories. It’s not what I would recommend to everyone as I needed more than 6 month to stop doing it and it definitely drove me crazy many times but it helped me a lot in the process of my anorexia’s recovery.



19th June : 

There is not a lot to say there. I will just always remember this special time when I ate this pizza as I may only had 3 or 4 pizzas this year (obviously I had many others treats, I prefer a big slice of chocolate cake).





23rd June :

It was my sister’s party to celebrate the end of the secondary school. But there is more than that, I have been feeling really bad this day as I was neither here to choose this dress with my sister neither her to see how beautiful she was before to leave. It is not easy to be a good sister and the one I would like to be with the distance … But I still love my sister more than everything.



2nd July :

We have been enjoying our summer time in spending a full day together in Brighton with Justine. This was just after I was sick for the first time alone and abroad. We’ve been walking a lot, we had our lunch in a really nice place (Happily it was good as we’ve been waiting at least one hour to seat) and we took many pictures. I also remember doing a press up for the picture on the road when a guy came for a press up challenge.


8th July :

This is a huge date as I’ve been waiting for Gymshark London Pop-up store during a long time. Shall I remember you as I’ve been buying each clothe they sold ? I also met Sissy one more time, Ben Francis (Gymshark owner) and Robin Gallant (his girlfriend). I enjoyed this with my mum which make this time even better.



10th July :

I feel like this year is full of big dates. It’s honestly one of those which changed the most my life. I started on this day my Personal Training courses.





17th August :

This day I have done a nice shooting with @reade_fitness which was an amazing time. I also discovered Protein Haus as we ate this after the shoot (trying to keep the flat stomach for the shoot ssshhhhh). But before anything else this day is my sister’s birthday and this year I wasn’t here for the first time.




20th August :

I took the train this day to join my family in the north of France. The day after we finally flight to Figari in Corsica. After the hard last 6 months (especially mentally) I finally had 2 weeks off with my family to enjoy the summer, all the food and to be off to the gym. After my restrictive diet I’ve been eating for 2 at each meal but it was definitely needed and I enjoyed it a lot.




24th August :

I have been golfing in Bonifacio for the first time. I’ve also been driving the golf’s car (also the first car in my life).  Nothing else to say if it is not remembering to everyone as I won the golf’s challenge we did at the end of our session.




27th August :

We did water skiing with my dad and my sister for the first time in Porto Vecchio. First of all I have been really lucky to have such an awesome environment and then I had a really good teacher and I didn’t do it too bad. I do not know if I was happier about my good performance or about my tanned skin … I’m joking.



3rd September :

I have been back in London and then in Bordeaux the same day. I never explained why but it was too hard after those 2 weeks of holidays to be back alone in London so I’ve been spending one more week at my mum’s in France.


16th September :

I’ve been super glad to be asked for joining those lovely ladies for some filming at Adidas studio. We had an amazing time in preparing some content for Instagram and we also had super nice food thank’s to « Bel air food ».



Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

23rd September :

Adidas studio enabled me to join Wanderlust this year with all the Adidas runners. This event is a mindful triathlon (5K run, 45min of yoga and 30min of meditation). It was also my first 3 days off with tracking. From this day I started to change my mind around food and training.


29th September :

This was my first time training at third space (the one in Tower Bridge). At this time I just couldn’t imagine all the things following with Third Space. I just had a free session as Natural fitness food wanted to thank me for all the posts I did.





3rd October :

This day I’ve had the best and the worst training at the same time. This lovely girl with the pink legging who is my best friend definitely left London after we had a last workout together. I can’t write all she did for me but she has been one of the rare person I met who will stay forever in my heart. Natalia if you read this I love you and I miss you.




6th to 8th October :

LET’S JUST REMEMBER THE 8TH OCTOBER WHICH WAS THE DAY OF MY 20YO. I have been spending the whole week end with my dad, mum and sister in Paris for my birthday. This was full of French food and shopping so it was quite amazing. I won’t forget those days especially the fact that I took the Eurostar in first class the evening of my birthday.


IMG_70909th to 12th October :

Dad joined me back in London and came in my home for the first time. I also had 3 full days just me and my father which is something really important for me. I brought him with me at the gym one time, we did many amazing restaurants, visited a bit and also had some rest time. The last night we went in the restaurant  « The gherkin » which is an amazing tower and we celebrated together a future good new …





30th October :

My mum offered me the train to come to spend one day in Lille to see her and my sister. If you are a bit more interested about this day I have been vlogging it on my Youtube channel.


1st November :

This day when my dream came true. I started my first job at Third Space Soho as an academy trainer and also passed my Level 3 which qualified me as a Personal Trainer. From there I met many amazing people and learned so much. I couldn’t expect any better opportunity.




8th November :

I am in partnership with « drinkwow » since few months and this day they came during my break to take the shots for the new detox drink campaign. I’m really glad to take part of it and I hope many new projects will come soon.IMG_9245




10th to 12th November :

I did the IOM (institute of motion) mentorship Level 1 thank’s to No1 Fitness. I learned a lot and met all those amazing Personal trainers.



13th November :

Justine came back in London and she came to spend few nights at home. This day I finished at 3 and we’ve been enjoying together the celebration for the christmas lights in regent street.






17th November :

I know it’s quite late as I’ve been training for one year now but yes guys I’ve just been including the chest in my programme and this time I did my first bench press. Do you trust me if I tell you as it’s now one of my favourite training?




24th November :

Whereas we only talked together on Instagram one time we randomly met at my work when my boss asked me to take her through a workout as he was busy. From there our friendship started.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

26th November:

I will just say as I got my iPhone X which definitely affected my mood as I had a lot of problems with this new iPhone.




1st to 5th December:

From the first time I met her I knew there was something different. After spending those full days together Laura is definitely becoming by big sister and I can’y thank her enough for this smile she gives to me when she is here.




9th December :

Who say work also say « Christmas Party » in London. The relationship with the colleagues is so much different in London as in France. Guys this has been an amazing party full of drinks and dance. I’ve been doing a dance battle with one my colleague .. he couldn’t move his knee then ooopsss. I also blocked my phone in dancing and had to restore my phone the day after whereas I was hungover.




21st December :

I won’t talk about it on the social network. All you have to know is that it is really important for me.






23rd December :

I did my last training at third space and also had a new deadlift PB at 85kg. I also left London to go back in France to see my family for holidays. This day I decided to fully stop tracking my calories.



Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


24th and 25th December :

Those two days were full of family time, celebrations food and gifts. I’ve finally been enjoying Christmas since 3 years and it’s just the best gift I could expect.



27th December :

I’ve been doing an indoor skydiving flight with my dad and my sister which was lot of fun. You can see it on my youtube channel.






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  1. Bonjour, je voulais juste te remercier de partager ta bonne humeur ainsi que motivation au quotidien. Mon rêve est de partir travailler et habiter à Londres, j’ai fais un voyage dans cette ville et franchement, waouh quoi 😍 bref, merci de nous donner espoir, tu es maginique.


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